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Trimble Expands its VRS Network Footprint with the Acquisitions of Can-Net and iBase Networks

Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) announced today the acquisitions of Cansel Survey Equipment’s Can-Net and AllTerra New Zealand’s iBase networks. The acquisitions significantly increase the global footprint of Trimble-owned Virtual Reference Station (VRS) networks by adding key geographies in North America and New Zealand. Subscription-based VRS correction services are now accessible to more customers around the world who rely on high-accuracy corrections to increase productivity and reduce operational costs. The correction services are ideal for professionals in agriculture, geospatial and construction as well as emerging high-accuracy applications, such as on-road positioning for passenger vehicles. Financial terms were not disclosed. Trimble is transforming how and where users can leverage precision and accuracy by:

  • Deploying and acquiring networks and services worldwide that deliver high-accuracy positioning nearly anywhere in the world, making Trimble a leading provider of corrections in urban, suburban and even the most rural areas.

  • Continuing to advance GNSS corrections technology that enables industries to re-think what is possible when using augmented positioning for improving safety, performance, productivity and operational efficiency, whether in the field or on the road.

  • Empowering emerging consumer markets by delivering absolute positioning for passenger vehicles, enabling Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to maintain precise in-lane positioning.

The Can-Net and iBase acquisitions add over 1.1 million square kilometers (over 425,000 square miles) to Trimble’s correction services coverage that has grown robustly over the past eight years, contributing to Trimble’s shift toward software, services and subscription business emphasis. Canada – Can-Net Network The Can-Net network is comprised of multiple VRS networks and single-base solutions offering GNSS corrections across Canada. The acquisition provides Trimble with the largest VRS footprint in Canada, covering over one million square kilometers (over 386,000 square miles). Subscribers primarily work in the agriculture, survey and construction industries. In addition, the Can-Net network enables Trimble corrections technology to be utilized by automotive stakeholders deploying ADAS systems along the Trans-Canadian Highway. New Zealand – iBase Network The iBase network expands Trimble’s VRS footprint across both the north and south islands of New Zealand, totaling over 100,000 square kilometers (over 39,000 square miles). “The high-accuracy precision provided by VRS technology is a powerful tool in driving operational and financial efficiency for industries that require easy access to positioning services,” said Patricia Boothe, vice president of Trimble’s Advanced Positioning Division. “We are aggressively expanding the accessibility of VRS corrections around the globe. Our vision is to make high-accuracy positioning available to the broadest base of commercial users worldwide for applications in agriculture, construction, automotive, autonomy and others where precise positioning is a critical part of the solution. Trimble will continue to invest in technology and infrastructure to push the boundaries of performance and accessibility for our portfolio of services.” Trimble networks are supported by a global network operations team made up of GNSS system engineers, geodesy experts and IT professionals. The team monitors the networks 24/7 from operation centers located on three continents, ensuring consistent and reliable service uptime and performance integrity. Availability Trimble-owned VRS networks are accessible now in Canada and New Zealand as well as Eastern Australia and Tasmania, France, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Sweden and areas throughout the U.S. VRS subscriptions are available through Trimble’s Authorized Business Partners or Trimble’s online store at: To learn more, visit: About Trimble VRS Trimble VRS offers instant access to centimeter-level positioning tailored to the users’ geographic location; the service is always on wherever and whenever needed within the network coverage area. With no base station or setup required, it is cost-effective, efficient and simple to use. VRS provides positioning professionals with instant access to Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) and Post-Processing (PP) corrections utilizing a network of permanent (fixed) continuously operating reference stations (CORS).


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