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Flashnet, ambassador of integrated solutions for security and safety in the smart city era

The North-African leaders of technology, Watsystem Solutions Industries, have invited Flashnet to speak about the perspectives of city security within today’s smart cities during Integrated Risk Platform, a tech conference organized in Morocco in early April

Hundreds of experts from several areas of activity (Mining, Telecom, Agri-food, Automotive, Construction & Infrastructure Operators) will meet with the largest companies in Morocco in April 9-th in Benguerir, to assess the impact of technology in terms of Prevention, Protection and Risk Management.

The conference will be an opportunity for the guests to meet local and international companies operating in Morocco, exchange ideas and express their vision regarding risk management. Flashnet has been invited to use their global smart city and integration experience in the “Smart solutions for security and safety in the smart city era” panel, covering modern-days problems concerning city security, both for people and traffic.

“We are honored that Optimum Light, our local partner in Morocco, chose to highlight Flashnet and inteliLIGHT® during Integrated Risk Platform 2019, as a confirmation of our technology’s value for the safety of cities and citizen around the world,” stated Mr. Lorand Mozes, CEO of Flashnet.

Fast paced technology advancements and ever-changing city expectations meet with inteliLIGHT®.

Flashnet has always been committed to solve modern urban challenges. Started as a municipal Wi-Fi service and evolved into a street lighting control solution, inteliLIGHT® has adapted to specific city requests in the last decade, integrating more services, communication technologies and smart city platforms.

Technology met customer-oriented flexibility, which created a fast-developing environment. Besides this, street lighting has some unique characteristics, essential for smart city deployments: omnipresent power supply and physical support for the installation of sensors and actuators. It was just a step before cities all over the world have requested safety features to be added to the system:

  • Gunshot sensors, aiming for timely awareness and deployment of first responders in case of gun-related incidents in a city in Brazil;

  • Pole door opening detection, to avoid any unwanted intervention that could jeopardize people’s safety or the street lighting integrity in a city in the Middle East

  • CCTV surveillance cameras and panic buttons in the high-risk areas of a city in Eastern Europe, discouraging criminality and providing better traffic surveillance.

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