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Delta Presents New IIoT Solutions for Flexible and Smart Manufacturing at SPS/IPC/Drives/Nuremberg 2

NUREMBERG, Germany, November 28th, 2017 – Delta Group, a global leader in power, thermal management and automation solutions, is launching its latest integrated solutions and framework for smart manufacturing at the SPS/IPC/Drives/Nuremberg 2017 (SPS 2017) exhibition in Germany. This framework covers new automation technologies and products, including a cloud-based IIoT platform as well as data transmission, industrial control, drive devices and motion systems, and flexible production solutions that create a path toward smart manufacturing. Delta is also highlighting its EtherCAT Motion Controller AH10EMC for smart machines. This new motion controller facilitates highly efficient motion control system with up to 32 axes of motion drives synchronously, while controlling other devices and transmitting equipment data onto a management platform via EtherNet/IP network for remote monitoring.

“Delta seeks to provide ‘new’ smart manufacturing models with our strong capabilities in the industrial automation field,” said Andy Liu, General Manager of Delta’s Industrial Automation Business Group. “With our two decades of experience in this industry, Delta has successfully assisted many customers build highly automated machines and factories with our complete range of automation products, software, and solutions. Now, we think it’s time to take it to a higher level on which flexible, smart, green manufacturing can be implemented to enhance customer competitiveness while solving the issue of worldwide labor shortages. For example, Delta’s Smart Manufacturing Model Production Line for power supplies in Wujiang plant, China consists of 6 robot workstations with 30 SCARA robots for a complete operation that enhances quality, flexibility, and production efficiency, achieving up to 60% manpower replacement.”

For this year’s SPS exhibition, Delta introduces a wide range of its latest automation products and solutions for smart manufacturing. The Smart Factory Monitoring Solution adopts the DIACloud Cloud Platform, monitoring software and highly efficient data transmission devices for cloud data management. A new motion controller supports both EtherCAT communication for motion control and Ethernet/IP network for data transmission and is suitable for high-end, smart machine control when matched with drives and servo systems. For flexible manufacturing, Delta’s Multi-Angle Insertion Robot Workstation delivers flexible, multi-tasking insertion operation and achieves fast interchangeable production of small-scale and customized output.

The highlights at Delta’s booth include:

– Delta Smart Factory Monitoring Solution features the DIACloud platform and data transmission devices (e.g. routers, Ethernet switches) for equipment data collection and analysis to achieve real-time monitoring of the facility and production process. If users add the DIAView SCADA System into the solution, they can acquire detailed machine operation information and analysis to achieve live monitoring and management of all facilities, production lines and factories. They can also obtain remote monitoring access for on-site equipment via mobile app (e.g.iOS, Android) and receive e-mails or SMS alarms on abnormal machine operation to enhance management efficiency. Delta’s Industrial 3G Cloud Router DX-2100 Series, Industrial Ethernet Cloud Router DX-2300 Series and Industrial 3G/WAN VPN Router are also applied in this solution for rapid, reliable and secure data transmission, improving communication efficiency among machines and the management platform.

– The Multi-Angle Insertion Robot Workstation integrates the Articulated Robot DRV90L Series and Robot Controller DCV Series for multi-angle insertion operation, as well as the Machine Vision System DMV 2000 Series for work piece detection. The DMV2000 Series is equipped with 4 lenses for various inspection tasks (e.g. appearance and color); it can quickly identify the size, color and position of each workpiece, and enable the robot controller to command the robot to execute precise and accurate pick-and-place and insertion operation. This robot workstation is ideal for flexible and interchangeable manufacturing of various products.

Delta also reveals many new automation products to assist customers in building manufacturing equipment with higher efficiency and precision:

– The EtherCAT Motion Controller AH10EMC is Delta’s new motion controller that supports both the EtherCAT protocol for motion control and Ethernet/IP network for data transmission. With the AH10EMC, it is possible to control on-site machines with remote I/O, induction and spindle motors and up to 32 axes of motion drives synchronously. The motion controller also expands its connectivity to transmit equipment data onto the management platform via EtherNet/IP network for remote monitoring. The AH10EMC serves as a host controller with integrated motion and control features to facilitate a highly efficient motion control system for smart machines.

– The new Widescreen Ethernet HMI DOP-100 Series features advanced Ethernet communication capabilities to fulfill the requirement of integration with smart machines, production lines, factories and clouds. The DOP-100 Series is equipped with the latest Cortex-A8 high-speed processor and HD display resolution, and supports remote monitoring via various internet options including FTP, E-mail, and VNC. The DOP-100 also provides a user-friendly interface and satisfies global customers with up to 16 languages for input selection. It is the perfect choice to achieve information connectivity in various industries.

– AC Servo Drive ASDA-A3 Series features advanced servo drive functions, including 3.1 kHz bandwidth, 24-bit absolute type encoder with high resolution, and a low frequency vibration suppression function for enhanced motion control performance. In addition, the ASDA-A3 servo drive and motor are in a compact design that requires less installation space, and is more flexible for industrial applications.

– Laser Displacement LD Series & Photoelectric Sensor PS-R Series are perfect for object and distance sensing. The new LD Series with aluminum case matches the IP67 protection standard and is certified with the CE safety standard, and its compact and slim design makes it easy to assemble. The LD Series precisely measures the changes in distance of target objects and finds applications in dimension, thickness, position and shape measurements. The Photoelectric Sensor PS-R Series offers two models for different range adjustments: Trimmer and TEACH. The model with TEACH range adjustment incorporates a brand new exterior TEACH button for a more user-friendly operation. The 4-wire design of the PS-R Series allows easy installation and application under all kinds of industrial environments.

Please come and join Delta and our “Automation for a Changing World” journey at the SPS/IPC/Drives/Nuremberg 2017 exhibition, Booth 220, Hall 3, from November 28th to 30th in Germany!


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