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Bougival, city of Impressionists, literature and music, is now at the forefront of street lighting i

After being acquired by Engie last year, Flashnet started a series of implementations in partnership with Engie France. Bougival joins several French cities that have chosen to implement and test inteliLIGHT’s street lighting management solution for its outstanding flexibility, reliability and affordability.

Bougival is a smiling village by the Seine River, at only 17 km from Paris. Known for its unique castle, historical buildings and great restaurants, it attracts hundreds of tourists every month. In this historical and touristic context, the small French city decided to modernize the street lighting system, to ensure a better service, plus increased safety for both traffic and pedestrians. While analyzing the options, the local authorities considered inteliLIGHT® to be the best solution for the city’s needs.

The preferred communication solution, LoRaWAN, was considered the most suitable as it covers more than 15km radius with only one base station and it provides low-cost, secure communications through its fast-deploying private network. Therefore, LoRaWAN requires no recurring expenses in exploitation and no addition civil works, preserving the unique architecture of the city and reducing the implementation costs, especially in rural areas.

To avoid unpredictable situations, such as loss of communication, inteliLIGHT uses intelligent controllers, which make the lamps independent of the main system by transferring intelligence at the lamp level. The lamps gain autonomy from the central system, and the public lighting is not affected even by a loss of service.

We merged the past and the future to create a safer present –for both Bougival’s inhabitants and visitors. inteliLIGHT stands for simplicity, yet efficiency in controlling the street lighting system. Great advantages for an affordable price tag”, declares Pascal Roussel, Business Directory of Engie, France.

The embedded inteliLIGHT® controllers (hidden inside the lamp) were chosen in order to conserve the architectural output of the street lighting fixtures, everything being coordinated by inteliLIGHT® Streetlight Control Software on the Cloud. The entire installation took less than a month. By early September 2019, Bougival’s citizens should expect to see a completely upgraded street lighting infrastructure. Better lighting service on the streets of Bougival, better visibility for the traffic and pedestrians and increased safety and comfort for everyone.


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